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Easy Clean

Manhettan 110

Price for 1 st. M. 1 625 ₽ In stock
  • Characteristics
  • Technologies
  • Care
Type of fabric:
nonwoven fabric with a pile on the front side
Manufacturer country:
polyester - 100%
Width of fabric (cm):
141 ± 1
Density of the fabric (g/m2):
Resistance to abrasion (cycles):
>60 000
Rapport (cm):
Application area:
sofa, chair
bed, headboard
cover, sachet
Wall panels
furniture covers

Description of the collection

The geometry of skyscrapers, the broken curves of wall Street financial indices, the lights of Broadway and Time Square, the constant attraction of Central Park-all this reflects the bright character of the Manhattan collection, ideal for Art Deco interiors and "industrial mix", where loft and glamour perfectly coexist. The depth of colors is set using the effect of broken texture, which creates the perception of" complex " shape in the finished product and sets the dynamics in the interior.

Easy Clean easy cleaning and care
Thanks to the clever Easy Clean technology, the dirt hardly sticks and rolls off the surface. In most cases, to remove contamination, you need to use only a simple cotton napkin and a small amount of water.
Long life durability and wear resistance
When using technology Long life fabric for a long time retains its original appearance. The technology successfully withstands destructive factors, such as: light, moisture, tension, compression, bending, friction, washing, dry cleaning, low and high temperatures, etc.
Soft touch soft touch
The excellence of Soft touch technology will allow you to enjoy the maximum soft touch on your favorite sofa.
  • keep away from direct sunlight
  • not closer than 40-60 cm from heat sources
  • don't use abrasives
  • cleaning with soap and cotton fabric
  • no pressing
  • don't bleach
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CHISTETIKA textiles are "clever" easy-to-clean furniture fabrics of different types of production, combined with the general concept of Easy Clean. The Easy Clean coating improves all the moments associated with cleaning up your upholstered furniture, thus freeing you time for more interesting activities. The fabrics for the contract sector are Ho.Re.Ca (restaurants, cafes, hotels, concert halls, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, transport) have a large number of options: resistance to fire, durability, durability and ease of cleaning. This super textile you can also use in your home interior.