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patented finishing
Shopper Urban Bag
Unique, like its owner
Chistetika Beauty Box
to take care of yourself and the environment
Artificial wool HYGGE
inspiration from the catwalk
  • Pleasure is
    Chistetika for gastronomic delights on the couch
  • Yes - creativity on the couch
    Chistetika easily removes the consequences of all creative impulses
  • You can not wash your paws with a walk
    Chistetika allows your pet to use the couch with you on equal terms
  • The Truth in Wine
    Chistetika will leave only a pleasant aftertaste
this is bigger,
than clever fabric
it's more convenient
your life!
Cleverly Connecting the latest developments in Silky Touch, ANTI Microbial and Easy Clean technologies
flexibly Easy Clean protection works in all types of fabrics
Profitable Saves time, saves money
Handsomely Corresponds to the latest fashion trends
Out of time Keeps the "face" of your sofa for a long time
Conveniently With the help of water, the most complex contaminations are removed
New reading of comfort
New reading of comfort Easy Clean coating improves all the moments associated with cleaning up your upholstered furniture, thereby freeing you time for more interesting activities.
Cleaning in three steps

Caring for Easy Clean is easy!

To learn more
Textiles chistetika - this "clever" easy-cleaning furniture fabrics of different types of production, combined with the general concept of Easy Clean