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EASY CLEAN easy cleaning and care

The clever Easy Clean technology is a balance between practicality and visual appeal in textiles. EASY CLEAN molecules by synthesis create a dense protective layer around each fiber, preventing contaminants of various origins to penetrate deeply into the structure of the tissue, detaining them on the surface. Entering into a chemical reaction with the water molecules activate the properties of the dissolved contamination and the practical ease of purification. In most cases it is enough to use a cotton cloth and a small amount of water to remove dirt.

Anti bacterial antibacterial coating

Highly effective textile processing gives the fabric resistant bacteriostatic properties, protects the internal structure of the fabric from the penetration of any tiny particles of dirt and bacteria. The active ingredients inhibit the absorption of nutrients from the environment by microbes and thus prevent the development of bacteria and fungi.

Soft touch soft and convenience

Innovation and perfection of technology allow us not to mutually exclude the properties of protective coatings, but to work with them in tandem. This contributes to the preservation of the light drape of the fabric and obtaining the most pleasant tactile properties, despite the high rates of durability and protective coatings.

Universal protection protection on all types of fabric

Modern nanotechnologies make it possible to use the whole range of innovations in all Chistetika fabrics and easily and quickly clean up all contaminations, regardless of the type of production.

WATERPROOF resistance to moisture and stains from drinks
A water-resistant impregnation that retains moisture on the surface of the fabric and does not allow it to be absorbed. An accidentally spilled drink, be it water, tea, coffee, wine or any other liquid contamination, can be collected without a trace and removed from the surface of the cloth with a napkin.
At the same time, the properties of the Waterproof technology simplify the elimination of any other types of pollution.
Long life durability and wear resistance

The wear resistance of fabrics is characterized by their ability to resist destructive factors: light, moisture, stretching, compression, bending, friction, washing, dry cleaning, low and high temperatures, etc. As a result of all these factors, a change in the structure of materials occurs with a gradual loss of strength. But thanks to the use of Easy Clean technology, the fabric retains its original appearance for a long time, which allows it to exceed the standard service life.

Pet lovers no forbidden places in the house

Does your furry family member like to spend time on the couch like you do ?! Instead of weaning pets to climb upholstered furniture, you can jointly spend your leisure time on the couch in Chistetika fabrics. Our fabric is resistant to wool and stains and friendly to the claws of pets.

Environmental norms environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity

Use in the production of only environmentally friendly materials will allow you not to worry about the health and safety of your loved ones. High environmental friendliness is confirmed by the international certificate OEKO-tex.