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petented finishing
Artificial Leather Magic
It's time to let Magic in to your house...
  • Attention to detail
    We approach individually and comprehensively to each project
  • Convenient service
    We operate the prices of direct deliveries and fulfill orders on time
  • Turnkey offer
    We provide a ready solution for the project
  • A rich choice
    We offer the widest library of materials for the possibility of work under the order
Perfect combination of innovation and aesthetics
Perfect combination of innovation and aesthetics
Contemporary Connecting the latest developments in the technologies of Fire Resistance, Silky Touch, ANTI Microbial and Easy Clean
flexibly Fire Resistance works in the whole spectrum of curtain and furniture fabrics
Profitable Saves time, saves money
handsomely Corresponds to the latest fashion trends
Out of time Basic shades and textures are always relevant
Safely Non-flammable fabrics do not support burning
SMART FABRICS FOR ORGANIC SPACES Fabrics for the contract sector - Ho.Re.Ca (restaurants, cafes, hotels, concert halls, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, transport) have a large number of options: resistance to fire, durability, durability and ease of cleaning. You can also use this textile in your home interior.