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Sweety or dirty trick?

30 october

Are you ready for a miracle night?

Already feel the approach of the holiday?

It's time to stock up not only pumpkins, but also sweets for little pranksters.

The tradition of begging for sweets on the night of October 31 was formed around the XVI century. It was then that children and adults began to wear fabric masks and walk from one door to another, demanding treats from the owners and finely shawl. How many kilos of candy in this holiday goes from house to house?!

Holiday attributes: decorations for the house and table (string light, toppers, wreath); original sweets for a festive dinner; Jack's lamp - pumpkin with a carved face and a candle inside; costumes, masks, face painting; cookies, crackers and candies for little guests.

 The Halloween is the unpredictable holiday, especially if You decided to surprise and to transform beyond recognition.  

After any holiday can be the most unpleasant surprises, but don’t worry about it, if the fabric Chistetika are in the house. Focus on preparing for the holiday and do not think about the consequences!